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Miami Restoration Company Miami, FL 786-312-1354An old phrase goes on to profess that prevention is better than cure. This is a phrase which almost everyone has registered in their minds, but how often do we really apply it? Most home owners tend to ignore a leaking pipe, mounting water bills or even foul odor in their houses till the time these issues compound and assume a gigantic form. There is not just the physical design and structure of your property which is at risk in such scenarios, but there is also the added risk of organic growth proliferating and leading to health hazards for the dwellers of the property.

Do you suspect that your house or office has fallen pretty to what could potentially be mold growth? Then call on 786-312-1354 today and get Miami Restoration Company to come to your rescue in the first instance. We are proud to be the most trusted name in water leak detection and remediation services in Miami, FL area.

Where’s the leak?

A leak might seem like a harmless issue and a cake walk to solve and fix, but the truth of the matter is that it gets really hard to detect the leak in the first place, let alone fixing it. Admittedly there are the standard heuristics which home owners follow such as an unexpected surge in water bills, an inexplicable sound of dripping in the house or even damp patches on the walls. However it is best to leave the detection and rectifications to experts like Miami Restoration Company, who will bring in the professional finesse which the task requires.

How our thermal imaging process works?

Water leaks have been known to be sneaky in terms of the locations where they tend to develop. We therefore rely on simply the most advanced thermal imaging cameras to detect the location. The beauty of such a gadget is that it instantaneously generates a heat map of wherever it is focused. The damp spots on the wall caused by the leaks would have a slightly lower temperature than the remainder of the wall, which is what these thermal imaging cameras are designed to read.

Thermal imaging: Why it’s the best?

  • It can point out damp patches and corners caused by moisture retention in the walls owing to plumbing leaks. Such leaks if undetected can promote rotting and mold growth.
  • Its beauty lies in the non-invasive approach to leak detection, which it follows. So you no longer need to harm your walls in any way in order to get to the breach.
  • The speed of operation and the accuracy saves a great deal of time for technicians working on leak detection.

Other leak detection techniques include:

Visual cues:

The layman's approach to leak detection, this method harnesses the inherent property of water to flow in its path and assess where it leaks. It might be a complimenting tool, but isn’t such a good standalone leak detection method.

The sound test:   

The sound test involves employing acoustic equipment, which amplifies the sound of the water runs, enabling in ascertaining the exact position of the leak.

Camera inspections:

We also employ highly advanced snake cameras or fiber optic cameras, which can easily penetrate plumbing and pipes, helping us to know where the leak actually lies.

Battling a leak in Miami, FL area? Don’t do it alone! Call us today on 786-312-1354 to address the problem of water leaks before it is too late!