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You would like your house or property to stand the test of time or calamity in all circumstances, but plumbing leaks as well as natural disasters such as fires, floods and storms are bound to manifest. As a responsible facility owner, your very impulse should be to call upon an expert remediation service. While it may seem straight forward a task to select an able remediation expert, Miami, FL has a plethora of options and it may be tough to know the most suited one for you. If service quality and a timely response at a managed cost is the need, then there hardly is any better choice than Miami Restoration Company.

Our services are for:

Home owners:

A home is your comfortable abode, your personal space that’s synonymous with peace of mind. In such a case, finding your home ravaged by an unexpected leak in the plumbing or a torrential flood or fire causing havoc, can be jittery. This is where we, as the most sought after residential damage remediation expert, step in to your rescue. Trust us with controlling the most destructive of floods or fire, and bringing back your property in an even better state than it originally was. All you need to do is call 786-312-1354

Business owners:

A business facility rendered crippled under an unexpected plumbing failure or a natural calamity is unproductive and results in huge losses to the owners and operators on the commercial front. We urge clients in Miami, FL area to contact us the very first instance. In order to provide for a proactive service, we operate all days of the week and accept and support remediation requests 24X7.You hardly would find any other disaster remediation expert offering such competitive turnaround times.

 Insurance companies:

An important part of the remediation work post a disaster is pitching for and getting an insurance claim processed. The stringent verification and underwriting procedures which the insurance companies operate by requires evidences and support at each step and this is where working with Miami Restoration Company will not disappoint you. We support our clients with all the evidence and documents to help them get their claims processed, faster and glitch free.

Call us today on 786-312-1354 and get to experience the latest innovation in disaster remediation.

Water Leaks Detection

An old phrase goes on to profess that prevention is better than cure. This is a phrase which almost everyone has registered in their minds, but how often do we really apply it? Most home owners tend to ignore a leaking pipe, mounting water bills or even foul odor in their houses till the time these issues compound and assume a gigantic form. There is not just the physical design and structure of your property which is at risk in such scenarios, but there is also the added risk of organic growth proliferating and leading to health hazards for the dwellers of the property. Click to read more...

Flood Damage Restoration

There is just one power which reigns supreme universally - the power of Mother Nature! Floods and water gushes are a mere demonstration of such a ravaging power, and can cause havoc in our routine lives. Floods have been known to ravage and compromise even the most strong and strategically built buildings and are especially ruthless when homes fall victim to these. They can fill rooms with water which can stay stagnant and destroy walls, ceiling and floor. To compound the destruction, flood fury can also lead to mold growth and other organic intrusions, which can directly affect the health of the inhabitants. Click to read more...

Mold Remediation

What is that slimy patch on your wall? It’s a question which most home and office owners easily ignore and move on, thinking it to be a harmless discoloration on the wall or ceiling. Little do they know that this could be a small fissure caused by a leak or a damp wall, and can breed the most dreaded type of organic growth - mold. Mold formation sneaks around in poorly ventilated, damp corners of your house and before you know it, eats away into furniture, interiors and other items in your property. Routine maintenance activities such as painting, rust control and cleaning are things that most home owners are very particular about, but they either forget or choose to ignore one important thing – mold remediation. Click to read more...

Water Damage Restoration

Is water all that you see in your house or office, thanks to a ravaging flood or a faulty plumbing? Is that wet patch on the wall deploring the beauty of your house? These are situations suggesting water damage which can steer your home away from the structural integrity and beauty that it deserves. When water damage becomes a monster hard to tame, think of the water damage remediation expert in Miami, FL area - Miami Restoration Company. We are known for our innovative approach to water damage remediation and extremely quick response times of the services we render. Click to read more...

Fire Damage Restoration

Fires have been known to have destroyed major cities in the past and barely leave any salvageable items in their wake. While you cannot do much when a fire has already spread and taken form, an effective firefighting effort and fire damage remediation post these can greatly minimize the losses – both of lives and property! If such an unfortunate fate has met you anywhere in Miami, FL area, then call upon the most exemplary fire damage remediation experts in the region on 786-312-1354Click to read more...

Reconstruction And Remodeling

Be it a disaster which has brought down the appeal and utility of your property, or be it the years that have had their toll on the property, a remodeling and reconstruction job is something which no property owner should shy away from. And while you are at it in Miami, FL, do not compromise and go for just any remodeler in the area. Trust the very best of the lot – Miami Restoration Company and give your property a new look and life! Click to read more...