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Miami Restoration Company Miami, FL 786-312-1354Miami-Dade is glorious in every way and is currently the most populous county in Florida. Apart from its diverse community, nature has blessed the place abundantly. The history of Miami-Dade isn’t exactly the most pleasant, as the root word ‘Mayaimis’ was primarily associated to the native tribes that existed there, but were eventually wiped out following wars and diseases that crept in. Despite its grim history, today the county has evolved to an extent where people only remember it for its breathtaking beauty that attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. The beaches, green landscape, tall skyscrapers, luxury homes - all blend in to form a dream destination to many.

The lifeline of the economy

Tourists from all over the world visit the beautiful county and make their dreams come true here. Honeymoon couples, adventurous youngsters; everyone feels at home when they visit Miami-Dade County. The economy largely relies on tourism, and that has made the county all the more beautiful as efforts to make it better never ceased to exist. The nightlife here, downtown shopping, and a walk along the beaches during sunsets are a few things that prompt people to come back for more. However, it’s not always sun shine and rainbows at Miami-Dade because there are times when things take a turn for the worse.

Hurricanes such as Katrina, Andrew and Irma have all affected the county to a large extent, which in turn, created a negative strain on the economy disrupting the normal lives of the population here. Losses were paramount, but recovery did happen.

When life is upside-down, we set it right:

Natural disasters aren’t anything close to predictable. Sure, the weather forecasts do warn us about the forthcoming storms, but no one can predict just how bad things can get. Despite the progress man has made on the technological front, no matter what we do we can’t prevent it from happening - because when nature wants to unleash its fury, it does. When Hurricane Katrina hit Miami-Dade in the year 2005, Miami Restoration Company was in the forefront helping out in clearing the debris and restoring damaged properties. When hope seemed to burn out, we acted as the light, and played a major role in bringing life back on track for a majority of the county’s residents.

Our services:

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Damage mitigation: Had a fire breakout recently? Is your property affected by water damage? Regardless of what the damage is, our team can restore your property’s pre-loss state!

Biohazard removal: Mold formation and the spreading of other bacteria is highly hazardous. We effectively remediate mold formation and remove all forms of biohazards.

Detection and removal: Sometimes, water leaks are hidden. We effectively detect them and fix them immediately. Be it water or mold detection, we can do it all perfectly using our advanced equipment.

Clean up: Damages caused by water/fire leaves behind debris, which we clear up in a fine manner.  

Reconstruction: We’ve formed alliances with top-notch contractors in Miami-Dade County, and thus, we provide refined reconstruction services for your property.

Makeovers: We can provide makeovers for your home and can make it look just the way you want it to!

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Miami, FL, Coral Gables, FL, Hialeah, FL, Homestead, FL, Key Biscayne, FL, Miami Beach, FL, Miami Gardens, FL, North Miami Beach, FL

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